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Unstuck In Time

One of the greatest sci-fi conventions is being  "unstuck in time". Although there are MANY great instances of this condition, one of the most famous and most influential is (undoubtedly) Vonnegut's Billy Pilgrim. If you've never read (or seen, I suppose) " Slaughterhouse Five ", do yourself a favor and check it out! "Unstuck in time" is a classical way of questioning reality, sanity, free will, fate, mortality, and perception. Someone who finds themselves "unstuck in time" finds themselves fighting against accusations of insanity while struggling to unravel a mystery that inevitably holds the key to their fate. One false move and they could become trapped in a time that they don't belong in, they could irretrievably alter the path of the future, they could destroy the lives of those around them, they could conceivably live forever... ANYTHING possible can happen. So the question becomes - what have they done before?

On Watching Crappy Movies - Sometimes, You Get A Surprise

I'm watching my pile of crap movies... You know me. You know that my gut reaction is to HATE anything that could possibly pass for a "chick flick". ...which is funny considering that my boy is the biggest, teenage girl you've ever seen... (laughs) So anyway... I've just finished "Uptown Girls" and "Mona Lisa Smile"... and while I wanted to despise them both - they were actually less vile than I anticipated. This IS NOT to say that either was 'good' - just that neither made me want to tear my eyes from their sockets. On the other hand... I'm watching "Hatchet" - which is a little on the painful side. As much as I love horror - I hate crap horror. I hate "film school" horror. I remember watching the commentary on a H.G. Lewis movie - the interviewer asked him about making "bad movies" and Lewis replied, "I don't make bad movies. Everything is in focus. The dialog is synced to the