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Yet Another Foray Into Indie Films

Every once in a great while I get the urge to watch one of those painful, awkward, indie comedies - which I always do "in secret" (when none of my roommates are home!)  And 99.9% of the time, I hate the movies as much as I thought I would. Since I don't feel especially qualified to actually write about these experiments, I thought I'd collect them into one, brief post of my random thoughts. Dan in Real Life Littered with every awkward, interpersonal interaction possible, yet somehow writer / director ( Peter Hedges ) felt it believable to end with a happy ending. Who the hell is he kidding? If you steal your brother's girlfriend (and marry her) you brother won't come to the wedding and be happy. Absurd, annoying, and utterly ridiculous. You can watch the trailer here: Sideways Oh god - this fucking movie. It's like a train wreck of male mid-life crisis bullshit. I hated every character in this movie. I'm sure some wise-ass, high-


How does this keep happening?... I see trailers for new, terrible looking horror movies - I trash talk them for months then finally break down and watch them (out of nothing short of morbid curiosity) and find myself (not even grudgingly) enjoying them. Tonight's unexpected gem?  v/h/s . Allow me to make the usual disclaimer here: I’m going to spoil the surprises, the twists, etc. If you don’t want that - bugger off. When I first read about this movie the gist I got from the synopsis was that it was another " Ring ". (Or " Ringu ", if you're feeling especially pedantic tonight.) There’s a “mysterious” and “evil” video tape circulating that, when watched, dooms the viewer to death. ...boooooring! Tonight, when I started watching it, I realized that's not  actually the case. In fact, it appeared to be something far worse than another cheap rip-off of a Japanese horror flick: a found footage movie. Ugh. Kill me now. Th