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A Note About Sucker Punch OR "Perhaps I Am Too Old To Go To The Movies."

Unquestionably, Zach Snyder is a nerd. A big, comic-reading, video-game-playing, role-playing, fantasy-loving, nerd. How else could he continue directing the special-effects ridden movies that drag the gamers in from their parent's basements? " 300 "? A win. " Watchmen "? A win, albeit one that managed to alienate some older nerds (more on this topic as I go.) Unfortunately, " Sucker Punch " felt like 126 minutes of disjointed hodgepodged failure; a mixture of every sci-fi, fantasy, action movie to come out of the past 40-some-odd-years of film-making with a heavy sprinkling of video games, anime, and a smidge of " Riot Girl " meets " Grind House " culture tossed in for, um... good measure? For a few moments, I thought I was watching " Caged Heat " or some other WiP movie. Zach's biggest saving grace? That he's made enough of a name for himself, and had enough box office success, that he's backed by