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Knife Edge & My Total Ambivalence.

I can appreciate a respect for history.  And a director who can tread the line between "homage" and "complete, total, rip-off."  In fact, I rather like someone who can work within a genre while still offering audiences something new (and possibly noteworthy)! In the case of " Knife Edge ", Anthony Hickox stumbles clumsily over that line and back again, sloppily borrowing from " The Shining ", " Burnt Offerings ", " The Changeling ", & (of course) " The Amityville Horror " (just to name the classics!)  The result?  A movie that looks mighty like a "complete, total, rip-off." But, can you really blame him?  Who doesn't love a good gothic tale ?  Homes haunted by domestic disturbance, people possessed by personal demons & secrets, families torn apart by madness & depravity.  Obsession.  Paranoia.  Back-stabbing.  Betrayal.  But really... what's new there?  These are stories as old as