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Odd Thomas

The general consensus about Odd Thomas seems to be thus: critics think it's crap while audiences seem strangely taken with it. Before watching it, I read nothing but bad reviews in magazines, but kept hearing friends of friends saying that it was, "pretty good." Here's my $.25 take on the movie: I didn't hate it but, the entire time I kept thinking, "I liked this movie better when it was The Frighteners ." I also couldn't help feeling like it wasn't as charming as Dead Like Me . The gist, if you couldn't gather, is as follows: dude sees dead people and commits to helping them. He saves the day but in the end, he has to lose the girl he loves to do it. Sad music plays. Credits roll. The movie, folks, is over. There were moments that were supposed to be funny that didn't make me laugh. There were tender, sentimental moments that didn't make me care about what happened to the characters. I feel like, overall, Anton Yelchin isn&#

More Indie Films - For Someone's Enjoyment

This is what happens when I'm home alone: I start looking over my Netflix queue for something to watch and I start thinking, "no one in my household wants to watch this crap but me, so I should just knock all this stuff off my queue while I can and be done with it." As though getting through all the movies on my queue is some sort of personal challenge or something. What? You know it is. Everyone does it. Right?... Anyway. This week's buffet of pointless indie movies included the following gems. Rid of Me I'm pretty sure the best, no, the only  way to describe this movie is - an awkward movie about awkward people. The plot can be summed up as: Shy girl marries popular boy. Things are great until they move back to his childhood home. His friends turn out to be mean people who make her so uncomfortable that she has a breakdown and he eventually asks for a divorce. She meets the town freak, acts out, and finds herself in the end. Hooray? I will say this: E

Direct To Video Picks For June 2014 - Stephen King

Have you guys missed my direct to video picks? I let them die off a while back but thought I'd try to resurrect them for the summer. I also thought I'd try something a bit different and combine two of my previous endeavors into one: direct to video picks and made for TV horror . With that, I give you a sampling of Stephen King stories brought to life for the small screen. Now, you're probably wondering if I'm going to compare these film versions to the original books and I have to confess that I'm not - mostly because I'm not a huge fan of Stephen King as an author so I actually haven't read all of these. To be more precise, I've hardly read any  of them! I'm also not as "qualified" to write about literature as I am movies and so I'll leave that task to others more skilled than myself. I do invite any King fans out there to share your thoughts and feelings on how these stories were translated into movies. (Successfully? Faithfu