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"American Independent Film, 1999" - Movie Review: Blood Simple

If I were ' Blood Simple ', what would I have to say for myself? I think I'd say, "beginnings are always hard and most are artificial". For some films, being slow works out nicely; some things are really just worth waiting for. Luckily for 'Blood Simple', being slow actually makes the film stronger. Take out the lingering shots or the seemingly plodding pace of the characters, and 'Blood Simple' would lose its suspense and the climax would surely go unnoticed. Slow and steady makes 'Blood Simple' seem real; there are no epic car chases, no gigantic explosions, no shoot-outs, none of the standard things that make Hollywood tick. Yet somehow, thanks primarily to the Coen's now famous style, 'Blood Simple' pulls off a scarier, more engaging story than most Hollywood films could even dream of. About the Coens ... They don't offer us much in the way of 'likable' characters. They have this way of creating peo