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A Serbian Film - My Initial Thoughts Moments After The Film's End

NOTE TO READERS: there are spoilers in this rant, read on at your own risk! Dear A Serbian Film , I am writing you this letter to express my concerns about myself. As you know, the people who have seen you are profoundly disturbed... and I don't mean that they are sick individuals, I mean that they are upset by your contents. Rape, torture, and murder often leave movie audiences feeling disgusted. You, to your credit, attempted to make each of those horrors as profoundly disturbing as you possibly could. I understand that the Serbian film makers of this generation are truly affected by war time atrocities and the results on society. I understand that your efforts were great in making audiences feel like co-conspirators in each gross misuse of human flesh throughout your run time. I'd like you to know that I, honestly, am less "moved" than I probably should be. It is possible, although doubtful to me, that I have simply seen one too many horror films o