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Kristen Stewart: A Conversation

What I'm really looking for in life is good, even heated, debate about things and stuff - particularly movies. I'm always sure to get that with my mom.  Without further ado, our recent discussion about Kristen Stewart (acting quality and general thoughts on young actors.) M:  Name me three movies you have seen Kristen Stewart in. R: Panic Room Zathura The Messengers Nice try, though!  ;) M: Not going to beat a dead horse - but it seems to be a too cheap shot to me - and just a tired reference to the chorus of whiners regarding Twilight .   You named three films, where she was 12, 15, and 17 respectively. Out of those three, I only saw the Panic Room, and had no issue with her work there. I would suggest that, like many actors, she has good and bad work out there - and I have seen some that is quite good; The Cake Eaters , The Runaways , and Welcome to the Rileys , where she plays opposite James Gandolfini are examples of work I really en

Serpent & The Rainbow

A child of the 80's and an avid horror fan, I feel almost obligated to have a soft-spot in my black heart for Wes Craven . And I do. I really love some of his work; A Nightmare on Elm Street ? One of my favorite horror movies. The Hills Have Eyes ? Great (ridiculous!) movie. Last House on the Left ? Terrific. Swamp Thing ? I just adore it's campy, comic-booky quality. And today's focus, The Serpent and the Rainbow , which I think is his best movie. As a kid, one of the greatest joys in life was going to the local video store  (a thing some of you may never even have heard of - which is another rant for another time!) and looking at the covers in the horror section. As those of you who also enjoyed this know, one of the top criteria for picking a movie is the cover art; is it badass? Is there a great-looking creature? Is there blood? How cool is the font? Is there a half-naked, bloody chick? Etc. Etc. Etc. To that end, my friends and I often over-looked Serpent and t