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Horror Film Lessons Learned

If strange things begin happening around your house and your child claims that their doll did it - believe them! There are a few options for you: - make friends with said doll - destroy said doll - give said doll to your enemies 12/18/2007

Dear Black Christmas, these are the reasons that I love you:

Black Christmas  is typically considered one of the great "slasher films" but, I find it to be a little more subtle that your typical slasher flick. Not surprisingly, some jackass remade this 70's horror masterpiece. Also not surprisingly, I've never watched said remake. You all know how I feel about remakes . Another thing that won't surprise anyone is that I love the original Black Christmas - and here's a few reasons why: (warning - spoilers ahead!) The horror is right under everyone's nose. From the very first moments of the film, the killer is already inside the sorority house (where the bulk of the film takes place).  The first murder takes place very early in the movie.  For the remainder of the film, the bodies of the victims that are desperately being searched for are also in the house. The horror within - "the enemy is us" - these concepts are quintessentially 1970's. "Black Christmas" warns us to stop looking