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The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)

Even knowing logically that I can't watch EVERY horror movie out there, I still feel disappointed in myself when I only SUSPECT a movie is a remake. When I started watching The Town That Dreaded Sundown , I couldn't quite remember if it was a remake  or just a cheap knock off  of Texas Chainsaw Massacre  (TCM). I will say that the upside of my not being able to remember these things is that I then get to go research them before blogging. The answer to today's question: "is it a remake or is it a cheap imitation" is "yes." - meaning it's totally both. Although, to be completely fair, some might consider TCM to be a rip off (or homage ) of the original Town That Dreaded Sundown (as it pre-dates TCM by a few years). Perhaps this whole situation just got super meta... which, as it turns out, is what filmmakers were going for...  if you know me in the really, real world - you know that I'm rolling my eyes right now. I think they even went so far as

100 Bloody Acres

Historically, Australia hasn't been a huge producer of horror. Were you to catalog their film offerings, they'd fall more into that post apocalyptic, punk-rock, dystopian bucket. I remain unsurprised that such an empty, harsh place would have a soft spot in its heart for a wasteland of a world. What is actually kind of strange is that a place so full of poisonous and deadly wildlife has yet to really throw their hat into the killer creature ring. The horror that does come out of Australia is typically populated by human killers of the psychotic variety. Were you to ask me, I never would have expected a Tucker and Dale VS Evil caliber horror comedy to come roaring out of Australia. Yet it happened. 100 Bloody Acres is equal parts hilarious and gruesome. While Tucker and Dale plays heavily off the established stereotypes of the horror genre, 100 Bloody Acres finds pleasure in poking fun at our obsession with "free range" and "organic," in the perils of o