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Great Moments In Film

I can't emphasize enough that one of the absolute greatest moments in film history is in Alien... know where I'm going with this, right? When the alien first bursts from Cain's chest, and blood splatters Lambert's face, and the camera swings around to show the rest of the crew... their faces read a mixture of pure and complete confusion on top of the fact that they are terrified... they are stunned. It's a moment of true beauty. And why, my friends, is this scene so perfect? Because Ridley Scott is a smart director - and he didn't tell them what to expect in that scene. And this, is movie making at its finest. Real emotion captured in a pseudo-real situation. Brilliant.

My Quest To Watch Every Movie At Captain Video

While working at the video store, I began a quest to watch everything - especially things I normally wouldn't watch. I like to say that I took on this enormous task in order to become better at my job but, I'm pretty sure that I'm just a big old glutton for movie punishment. Here's what happened: Comedies Down with Love - LOVE it! Hilariously amazing satire. And Ewan McGregor . Granted, this isn't Velvet Goldmine Ewan McGregor, but he's still wonderful. Talladaga Nights - Strangely, hated it. I will take Blades of Glory or Anchorman over this one ANY time! Blades of Glory - For no good, explicable reason, I completely  fell in love with this movie the second I watched it. I spent the majority of the time, laughing out loud. Step Brothers - I wanted to love this one but, it didn't work out for me. Walk Hard - It was like torture sitting through this one. I don't think I managed to laugh even once. I'm not sure that I really lik