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Reasons I Hated Working At The Video Store - Installment One:

This group of 15-ish year old girls comes in, "What's the scariest horror movie, ever?" I just look at them. One says, "Yeah... and we've seen them all." ... really? REALLY? You're really seen EVERY horror movie? Not even possible, Princess. So I walk over to the horror section with them trailing behind me and I ask, "know what subjective means?" They say nothing. I say, "Give me something to go on here. Are you looking for a ghost story? A slasher movie? What do you like?" One says, "I'll just read the boxes." SIDE NOTE: I'm doubtful her reading comprehension is good enough for her to learn anything from "reading the box." I walk away saying, "Why don't you try watching something made BEFORE 2000..." ::sigh:: So they finally settle on "Mirrors" - which you ALL know that I loved ... ugh. The other night... some douche comes in and insists that

Reasons I Hated Working At The Video Store - Installment Two:

Tonight's Blog, Entitled 'I Hate Movies, Especially Bad Movies.' No, seriously. Boy was like, "... you have movie rage." And I do. I can't tell you how many times in the past few months we've been watching a movie and I've been like, "does this movie ever end"? Currently, we're watching "Mirrors".  I'm about 45 minutes past the point where I've had too much and just want the god damned movie to end. Right now - I'm cursing whomever wrote this fucking piece of garbage and I'm damn near walking my ass to California to kick in the teeth of whomever green-lighted making this crapfest and I'm fairly certain that I'll be writing a letter to whomever edited this atrocity to offer them a few pointers on the concept of "less is more". Yeah, I'm a movie snob. Yeah, I'm a cynical bitch. Yes - I hate this movie - it sucks big horse dick. Feel free to disagree, I'll just think less